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 Number Species

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Number Species Empty
PostSubject: Number Species   Number Species EmptyWed Jan 18, 2012 7:25 am

Hi all,

I have a good news.

I have started a Romanian article about Species in Wikipedia :

The title is "Number Species".

By vulgarisation, a species becomes in my article a multiset of permutation groups.

Q: Then, why an article about species, and not an article about permutation groups ?
1) The Theory of Species adds combinatorial meaning and more ; it is not just equivalent to the theory of permutation group.
2) The Theory of Species offers a systematical description of many combinatorial objects.
3) The Theory of Species offers a tool, the e.g.f., to quickly obtain numerical results on combinatorial questions.
4) The Theory of Species offers a foundation for the rigurous meaning of the gramatical preposition OF.
5) The Theory of Species open a generalisation - at the same level of understanding of cardinal and ordinal numbers
Smile and so on....
6) Computer Scientists need a simplified approach rather then a sophisticated algebraical one.
7) Ingineers need a simplified explanation of what field (line), group (vector space) and what "degree" of liberty could means.
Smile and so on...

I use French as metalanguage as well as diagrams.

I am also planning to insert combinatorial definitions whereever is possible Very Happy

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Number Species
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